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48 responses to OFFICIAL BALLOT: Critics Choice SUPER Awards – FILM

  1. Done and done! Great job everyone!

  2. Can we confirm how the Namor actor wants to be listed? In many official materials for the movie, I’m seeing “Tenoch Huerta Mejia,” not just “Tenoch Huerta.” BTW he’s fantastic, has been for quite a while.

  3. BTW great job Travis for herding all those cats

  4. Awesome! This is a new great concept… Go CCA!

  5. Voted, Great nominees!!!

  6. Always a fun one! Love these films and selections

  7. Such a good selection, honoured to vote! Great job, everyone – and thank you, Travis!

  8. Thanks everyone who participated in the nomination process and for voting!

  9. Votes are in-thank you!

  10. Done, and great line up this year.

  11. Voting Completed! Such an entertaining list of Super Awards!

  12. Of all the voting, this is one of my favorite.It’s just plain COOL! Congrats to us! So much fun to report and share with my listeners.

  13. Loved this year’s batch of nominees. Fun vote!

  14. What a pleasure being on 2 of the committees and voting!

  15. Thank you to the committee for knocking this out!

  16. Amazing! Thanks all.

  17. Done! Awesome awards! Looking forward for the results!

  18. FYI spoke with the Marvel/Disney rep and confirmed “Tenoch Huerta” is fine (as opposed to “Tenoch Huerta Mejia”).

  19. Tough choices, especially in Horror.
    Going to be a great show.

  20. I love that we are honoring some of the most exciting and memorable performances of the year which might otherwise have gone overlooked by awards voters.

  21. This was so much fun! Loved these selections!

  22. This is probably the most fun ballot I’ve ever had to fill out! Amazing nominees!

  23. Great nominees this year.

  24. The two I’d like to see win the most — Mark Rylance for Bones & All, and the film Massive Weight/Talent. So much fun, yet got so little love this awards season.

  25. That was so fun. Love it.

  26. Always enjoy voting for the Super Awards. This is a particularly strong year in all categories.

  27. Holy cow, I voted early! Didn’t need the fear of being shot at dawn. I’m losing my grip.

  28. Hmmm. Auto-response says I already said what I said.
    I must have liked saying it so much, I thought I’d just keep saying it.

    That always works for me when I review, so might as well go with a proven thing.

    I never metaverse to which I was averse.
    I just go in reverse and vice verse.

    I can see the hook, oy vey izmir
    so seeya, Top Guns, I’m outta here.

  29. Well that was fun! Voted and looking forward to March 16th!

  30. Voted! Great nominees, looking forward to March 16th.

  31. Done! Congratulations on the great variety.

  32. Done! Love that Critics Choice Assoc. highlights this and so many groups!

  33. OK, voting is complete. Now I have to go do my taxes!

  34. Hooray, some attention given to Mark Rylance in Bones & All!

  35. Done. Good luck to all of them.

  36. Done! Great work as always all. Wish that SCREAM (5) was nominated, along with Roger L. Jackson for Best Villian, he deserves recognition for decades of voicework in the franchise.

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