Paul Salfen – Candidate for the CCA Board of Directors

June 3, 2023 in BFCA, BTJA, DOCS, International, MOVIES, News, TV

Paul Salfen

Dear fellow Critics Choice Association members, 

I have been with the CCA now for years now (or BFCA when I joined) and have attended just about every event, every meeting, volunteered for every committee possible, consistently voted, and promoted our events and posts on the show, through the magazine, on the radio, and via social media and I really do love doing each one of those things. I obviously have a passion for this as I’ve been a part of critics groups since screeners were sent out on VHS 20-something years ago, but I was bit by the bug when my father – who also did weekly movie reviews – took me to screenings as a kid and we would discuss the movies on the way home. And, of course, it wasn’t enough to just say that I liked it didn’t like the film – the why was the important part (as well as the who.) It’s been a great honor to since get to talk to all of the great actors, directors, writers, and producers I grew up admiring and hope to do so for many more years to come.  I feel passionate about my time with CCA as I feel it has a certain deserved weight and respect that we all appreciate and I want to do everything I can to make sure the members are happy, treated well, and given the most opportunities possible. If nothing else, I at least want to make sure there’s someone who loves TV and movies as much as I do in the position. If it’s me, I’m happy to serve. If it’s not, I’ll fully support whoever goes in. As with anything we do, a vote either way is appreciated. Thank you for your consideration (now I finally get to say that!) and I’ll see you at the movies…or the awards, whichever comes first. 


Paul Salfen

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