OFFICIAL BALLOT: 8th Annual Critics Choice Documentary Awards

November 8, 2023 in BFCA, BTJA, DOCS, International, MOVIES, News, TV



36 responses to OFFICIAL BALLOT: 8th Annual Critics Choice Documentary Awards

  1. So proud to be part of this committee and proud of our nominations!

  2. Great Documentaries!

  3. Honored to be a voter. The privilege isn’t lost on me. Voted!

  4. Thanks to everyone who participated in the nominations and to all who vote this year.

    Reach out to me if you need to watch any of the nominees last minute before making your selections.

  5. Tough vote, as so many good documentary’s this year.

  6. Have a great show! Good luck to all the Nominees!
    Mose Persico

  7. Great documentaries. Difficult choices. I want to give awards to all of them.

  8. I haven’t seen them all but, among the ones I saw, there are some great documentaries. Congratulations and have a great ceremony! πŸ™‚

  9. Excellent list – great work, nominating teams!

  10. What a great year for docs! Happy to be a part of this and proud that this is still happening despite the strange times.

  11. Some wonderful documentaries this year.

  12. Several of the documentaries had at least one big shocking moment where I screamed out loud. The celebrity-driven ones gave information that I had never heard before about the person depicted and the LGBTQ+ community was represented in important ways in several of the docs. Rock the vote!

  13. So many good docs.

  14. Great year for docs!! All worthy contenders

  15. Amazing Year for docs.. Thanks to the wonderful team for making the process so seamless! xxoo

  16. Another great year for docs and I am glad to be continue to be part of the nom committee.

  17. Voting completed! Great selections as always!

  18. Honored to be a voting member! Great nominations!

  19. Voted! Another hard year of great selections.

  20. What a privilege to vote for these documentaries, some really seem to have the power to influence society

  21. Outstanding nominations and so hard to vote the “Best” in each category.

    But I did it.

  22. An honor to participate.

  23. Very pleased with the nominations.

    Relieved to vote– after seeing almost everything–

    Congrats to the committee!

  24. SO excited to participate in the vote! It was so hard making choices in several of the categories, but it is because we have so many amazing nominees!

  25. Really enjoyed the selection of documentaries this year. Excellent choices from the committee. I’m honored to vote on them!

  26. Thanks again to everyone for taking the time and effort to watch the nominees and for the Nom Doc – we did it y’allπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

  27. A great list of nominees and some very difficult choices!

  28. Too many great documentaries. Tough vote!

  29. So many great contenders this year!!

  30. Got my vote in under the wire. What a great group of films!

  31. What is impressive this year was the wide range of topics, and the skills we saw in action — too many tough choices because of the quality (good problem to have). Proud to serve on the nominating committee, especially to participate in the discussions because that list of films is long and to prioritize what others recommended was key. I really value the input from the committee, and once that slate of nominees is out, we could see the fruits of our labor. I won’t be there Sunday but I will look forward to hearing the results!

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