OFFICIAL BALLOT: 29th Annual Critics Choice Awards – FILM

January 4, 2024 in BFCA, MOVIES


Ballots were due on Friday, January 12, 2024 at 9 p.m. PT
Thank you for voting.

73 responses to OFFICIAL BALLOT: 29th Annual Critics Choice Awards – FILM

  1. Great nominees, I hope as many people as possible will at least consider Past Lives. There are a lot of big nominees, but Past Lives is so incredible.

    • Past Lives was okay (amazing ending), but the problem I had with it was — the couple wasn’t that interesting when they were together. I wanted interesting things being said. Make me wish, or think, what would have been if they stayed together, instead of me being bored. I enjoyed her conversations with her current husband, when they fought about all this, but it needed more.

    • The brilliant international pop music selections going back as far as the 1930’s alone and the carefully selected movie posters in the background made it an understated love letter to cinema.

    • How about if we keep the votes for ourselves without trying to influence anybody?
      The movies should speak for themselves

      • Well Fabian, as someone who has been reviewing movies for 35 years, and in film groups for at least 15 years — I can tell you this. NOBODY ever changes an opinion on a film, based on what they’re hearing other critics say/write. So, if people want to mention the ones they love, or they hope win, or the movies they hate — believe me, it doesn’t persuade others or make them change their votes. Not to mention the fact that, we’re all reading these comments AFTER we’ve already placed our votes.

    • I agree, but I think there will be cultural context that not everyone will understand and even that I didn’t understand (and I’ve been to South Korea twice and had a year of Korean language.

  2. I can’t remember how long I’ve been a member, but it’s been a lot of years – each year this organization gets better, bigger, grander, cooler. I couldn’t be more proud. Applause to Joey and John and Sean and all the amazing members making things happen.

  3. Grateful for the CCA and proud to be one of the original members.

  4. So excited about all of the amazing films this year! Can’t wait to see the final results.

  5. Probably the toughest, most agonizing ballot in years. Lots of great choices.

  6. Thank you to the all of the CCA staff and board! Let’s have a great show! Barker Hanger ROCKS!

  7. My toughest choice was the young performers category. I so want Abby to win for “Margaret” but absolutely loved Dominic Sessa in “The Holdovers.” Yet I felt Holdovers will win in other categories, so I went with Abby. It was a tough call.

  8. I remember years one and two, 12 to 20 of us in a small room with two tables in the Sofitel across from the Beverly Center.
    I was proud to be a part then; beyond words proud of what we are now. North America’s largest group of like minded motion-picture champions.
    Can’t wait to see my brothers,sisters and CCA Family as we celebrate what we are and what we stand for on the big night!!!

  9. This year was difficult!! Cannot wait to see who comes out on top!

  10. So grateful to be with this amazing group! Thank you to the CCA cannot wait for next week!

  11. This will be a brutal choice. So many great performances. We did a great job at nominations. Excited to do this!

  12. Thanks so much to the CCA and all the members. This was a tough ballot & a great year in movies!

  13. Being part of the founding of this now powerful group, under the leadershiop of Joey Berlin & Rod Lurie, is legacy worthy. We should learn from the tainted HFPA & never abuse our power or stray from our standards. See all at the Big Show.

  14. I have NEVER a harder time picking a Best Picture winner ever. What a line-up!

  15. What a terrific line-up, but my vote is for THE HOLDOVERS, my favorite film of 2023. Good luck to everyone.

  16. Original Screenplay was particularly difficult for me this year. But always so proud and thrilled to participate in making the tough choices especially in a great year for film like this.

  17. Tough choices once again, but am happy and excited for all the nominees and can’t wait for the big show on Jan. 14. Here we go….!!!!

  18. This is almost as difficult as choosing between a hot dog or a pizza slice at Costco. Except here, I can’t give up and choose both

  19. Thank to the committee for organizing all of this voting so smoothly.

  20. While there are many interesting movies represented here, truthfully, the only one I watched more than once was GODZILLA MINUS ONE.

  21. Feels great to vote this year! So many awesome productions!

  22. Thanks to all of the CCA staff and board members. A privilege to have the opportunity to vote this year and to be a part of the CCA family.

    Ready for the big show at The Barker Hangar!

  23. Done, baby! See everyone next Sunday.

  24. What a great year for cinema. And so difficult to pick just one in each category. Can’t wait to see the winners. nominees.

  25. Jim Ferguson
    I just completed talking via
    phone to almost 600 members.
    From the majority of positive
    remarks I received, regarding
    the leadership of Joey, John and
    the Board, I’m extremely proud
    to be an original member of the
    Board of Directors, and anxiously
    looking forward to meeting many
    of the members I talked too.
    Our 29th might be our best!

  26. Tough, tough decisions! Thrilled to see some of our SOFEE recipients here. Terribly sad to not be able to attend this year but I will be cheering on what I am sure will be a grand success next Sunday.

  27. Absolutely one of the best cinematic years ever, with the most extraordinary nominees, selected by…us! We all deserve a pat on the back. Can’t wait to see you all next Sunday!

  28. It feels like CCA just keeps getting better and better. Kudos to our leadership. Looking forward watching the big bash next weekend!

  29. That was tough – so many fantastic films and performances to choose from!!! Here’s to another great year with the CCA and looking forward to watching the show!!

  30. See everybody there Sunday!

  31. Incredibly excited to have just cast my first CCA ballot! I’ve been watching for years and am absolutely honored to now be a part of this organization!

  32. CCA just keeps getting better and better! Honored to be a part of this organization! Applause to our leadershio, to Joey and John and Sean and all the amazing members making things happen!

  33. Just voted! See you on Sunday, everyone!

  34. Such a tough list of amazing films this year!

  35. Wow, zowie, what a quality year. They should all be this good. I gotta squeeze one more in tonight.
    And any time you wanna talk, Fergie, I’d love to catch up.

  36. Each category read like a murderer’s row of talent. It was difficult to choose. What a great year in cinema!

    Hope that next year’s festivities will also be held in the Barker Hanger as it’s better to all be one room vs. fractured into two.

  37. Votes placed! Can’t wait to see how it all plays out Sunday

  38. Let’s go Killers of the Flower Moon. Hope Marty wins for directing and screenplay

  39. Looking forward to Sunday’s show!!!

  40. A great group of nominees! Excited about the awards!

  41. A great year for film.

  42. Done! What a great year for cinema! Can’t wait to see who wins! Looking forward to the show!

  43. Hoping for a BARBIE sweep — would be history making for a female writer-director to win for telling a story about what it’s like to be a woman!
    Can’t wait to see you ALL…IN THE ROOM…TOGETHER!

  44. I had to read thru each category a couple of times before casting my votes.(lol) That was really tough! So many great movies and performances! Can’t wait to see who wins! See you Sunday:)

  45. Thank you, CCA. I’ve voted. Kudos on this eclectic shortlist and all best wishes for this year’s awards ceremony. Greetings from cold London. I hope one day to be in LA for the awards. ENJOY!

  46. Congratulations to all the nominees, truly a great crop of films this year! Looking forward to seeing what the new year brings to the big screen, and to seeing everyone at the awards’ ceremony this weekend.

  47. There are so many outstanding nominees! I’m glad I decided to vote the last day; it gave me more time to ponder between a few tricky choices. Exciting to see who wins this year!

  48. In terms of voting, I can’t remember a more difficult year to choose a winner in just about every category. I waited until the final day to finish my ballot so I could rewatch as many films as possible. Bravo to everyone for a year of incredible movies. So proud to play my part in drawing attention to some of the great work. I wish I could be with you all this weekend to experience the awards in person.. but, alas, I’m stuck in snowy Toronto!

  49. I can’t believe it’s been 29 years!! Barker Hangar gets my vote every time.

  50. Honored to be voting in my first year with the CCA. What a terrific year for film.

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