The Broadcast Film Critics Association is the largest film critics organization in the United States and Canada, representing more than 300 television, radio and online critics.

Our collective membership is the primary source of information for today’s entertainment consumers. The very first opinion a moviegoer hears about new releases at the multiplex or the art house usually comes from one of our members.

Founded in 1995, the BFCA presents its Critics’ Choice Awards each year to honor the finest achievements in filmmaking.

The BFCA also selects a Film of the Month and officially recommends other worthy films throughout the course of the year. As an additional service to moviegoers, each film is given a Critics’ Choice Rating (on a 1-100 scale, 100 being the highest), based on the cumulative grades each film receives in the monthly balloting. More information on these ratings is available in the New Movies area. The BFCA is led by its President and Board of Directors. Joey Berlin is currently serving as President. The Board of Directors are John De Simio, Jim Ferguson, Mark Ramsey, Sam Rubin, Sean O’Connell and Sara Voorhees.

Our standards: All film reviews represent the unique and honest opinion of the authoring member. Any attempt to influence a review beyond providing information is a violation of BFCA standards. ‘Quotes’ may only be provided from reviews that have been, will be or are intended to be broadcast or printed, and cannot be altered in any way without the expressed permission of the reviewer.

Criteria for membership: To apply for membership, a broadcast film critic must regularly provide a large television, radio or Internet audience with subjective assessments of the quality of motion pictures being released theatrically.