Board of Directors and Branch Presidents elections results

June 13th, 2023

Results of our Board of Directors and Branch Presidents elections are in. 
Thanks to all the candidates who asked to serve and made compelling arguments for their campaigns. The vibrancy and integrity of our Critics Choice Association was again on full display and we can all be proud of our election process. 

The new Board starting on July 1 will be:

  • Christopher Campbell *
  • Jacqueline Coley
  • Clayton Davis
  • Grae Drake
  • Shawn Edwards
  • Jim Ferguson 
  • Sean O’Connell
  • Carla Renata *
  • Sam Rubin

* New Board member 

Ed Martin will also serve as the new Vice President – TV. 

Deep appreciation goes to Paulette Cohn and Mark Ramsey for their extremely valuable years of Board service. 

Among the Branches, the newly elected Co-Presidents are:

  • John Hanlon – TV
  • Carla Hay – Documentary
  • Semira Ben-Amor  – International
  • And re-elected without opposition was Sean O’Connell – Super Awards 

Any members wishing to see the actual vote counts may reach out to Lisa Waters ([email protected]) for the final vote counts.